PokerStars Hints At Unfold & Fusion Games

The Showtime Hold’em is out with new features once more at PokerStars. The leading online poker platform of the world started its unique game on Monday after a few months. The cycle is being repeated, followed by Split Hold’em, the PokerStars has introduced latest offerings which would be disclosed in the coming few weeks.

Showtime Hold’em was formed in May and here players who fold their cards are exposed for others to see. And players with cards in the hand earn new ideas pertaining to the exciting hand and those who already folds will receive insight into the strategies of opponents for future hands. The latest modifications has been done for a fun twist which makes the players to observe carefully and at the same time one needs to rethink their strategies. Such is the game introduced by PokerStars. It is a part of the current tactics to introduce some great twists and turns on classic games.

When the details were leaked about Showtime in May, PRO made the revelations on another game which was formed called as Fusion. It was a combination of two distinct formats or games. There is no other information revealed or leaked on Fusion. However, it would follow the Split and Showtime leads through blind seating lobbies. Within the next couple of weeks, Fusion would be released. The latest announcement as per PokerStars states that Showtime might be withdrawn due to an introduction of a new game.

The new poker format as per PokerStars team is known as Unfold. This is the latest information given by the design department. It may either be Fusion, Unfold or other new variants which would be introduced within a few weeks time. There is something new in store which would replace Showtime. The PokerStars would unveil the same within a few days. The media and poker players are anxiously waiting to hear the news.

Negreanu And Hellmuth On Twitter Spat Gets Personal

If you like drama, then check the Poker Twitter as it keeps on giving some gifts every time.

While playing at the Poker Masters final $100,000 buy-in event, Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth got involved in some heated arguments about the quality of young poker players coming into the industry just after both of them busted out of the final event.

A dispute in the event led Daniel Negreanu to make a list of players he believes who are better than at Phil Hellmuth in no-limit hold’em than and the list included his name as well.
After finishing in the 13th place, the Poker Brat last night was especially bratty. Maybe taking a note from Muhammad Ali, he announced to be the greatest of all-time post Daniel Negreanu (11th place for $0) advocated today in the game, he cannot compete with young players, but is learning.

The complete conversation is too long to share, but here is some highlights from the conversation that will give you the flavor of entire conversation that continued for almost an hour. It also involves the response of the poker community.

@RealKidPoker: Playing opposite to the world’s best #PokerMasters, I have many things to learn, I am a quick learner. Watching @RunGo0seRun is a fun and also a lesson in itself.

In response to the twit of Negreanu, Steffen Sontheimer replied, Negreanu is the all-time tournament winning leader, whereas Hellmuth, is holding a record winning 14 WSOP bracelets. They both are undeniably the best tournament poker players in history. However, unlike Hellmuth, Negreanu is accepting his game, he admits that his game isn’t up to par at the present time with the young players such Sontheimer and as Fedor Holz.

@RealKidPoker replied I am not at all embarrassed to say this, I believe think I am not as good as these guys.
Complete conversion is present online.

New Hopes For Online Poker In Australia

The Australian Poker Community (APC) was struggling hard for the legalization of the game in the country.

And now it seems that their efforts have paid off. The door now seems to get open for legalization of online poker in the country soon.

A call was made to hold an inquiry for poker online version passed the Senate of Australia last week with 46 votes to 22.

The inquiry was called to review the game to be handed down before the 14th of September 2017. It means that it may make the way for the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill, which was introduced in the Senate recently, the bill spelled the end for poker online version in the country, to be changed before it passes through the parliament finally.

After the six months of setting up, the Australian Online Poker Alliance (AOPA) has become the main body to give poker players of Aussie a voice. The founder of this alliance, Joseph Del Duca said this is a positive news for the poker community; however, the importance of inquiry should not be underestimated.

He said, “This is continuing efforts of the Australian Poker Community (APC) that this news has come. Without their efforts this would not have been possible. Continue reading New Hopes For Online Poker In Australia

Why Binger Lives In Rented House

Before going to the world series of poker, Michael Binger was 30 at the age of 30 and was a physicist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. He was living in a rented room.

You must be thinking after the winning the WSOP, the player would have purchased that apartment. But, the same is not true. Instead, he is living in the same rented apartment and he has rented one in the front as well. And guess where his $4 million is, it is in his bank account.

Here are the words of Binger how he became the gambler and what is the reason of not leaving or buying the rented place he is living in.

When the thought of playing the poker came in my mind, I was studying at North Carolina State University and was in my last semester. Was the student of physics and was doing a computational. I had a professor, who told me to write a program that can solve blackjack. He told me about me potential of card-counting strategies.

After that in the summer of 1999, I took a trip to Las Vegas with a friend. Here, I tried my hand on the poker game and surprisingly I did well. In the event, I won $4,000 or $5,000. However, my friend wasn’t able to do well in the game, after completing my studies started taking some occasional visit to Las Vegas to play poker.

But, it is not like I always have won in the tournament. A time came when I lost terribly in Reno. I lost a lot of money and was barred in six casinos in a single day. That time I realized that this is not the game that can make me rich. Thus, I started planning and being calculative. I plan the things and act on it.

World Poker Tour Acquires WPTDeepStacks

The World Poker Tour has made a recent announcement where the company has informed world media that WPT has acquired DeepStacks.

Named as WPTDeepStacks, this is an acquisition that will significantly see the company having a larger presence in this scenario. WPT Enterprises announced that they have acquired the brand as of January 12th. The ownership is in full and would be offering the company operational control. With the acquisition the parent company of World Poker Tour, Ourgame would be able to form strategic and friendly acquisition of related businesses. The acquisition is felt to be on par with company values and brand aspirations of World Poker Tour.

WPTDeepStacks would be starting their fourth season on January 12th. The tour was launched in 2012 and was started as a partnership with WPT. This was in 2014 which was a replacement of regional WPT series and DeepStacks events that used to be held in Europe and United States. WPTDeepStacks executive director, Chris Torina also stated that they were excited that the relationship with World Poker Tour was being taken to the next level with this acquisition.

Initial partnerships with World Poker Tour have helped the organization to cement their brand. With the acquisition there would be more chances to innovate and tournaments would be more player friendly. Indeed, there would be tournaments at different places across the world with the new partnership venture.

Pliska of WPT also stated that Torina had become a vital partner and steward in helping to build the WPT brand. Hence, having his team become part of the WPT main business would surely help strengthen and augment the brand further. WPTDeepStacks would be expanding into unexplored territories and be able to leverage on the different partnerships that WPT has. Indeed, there is a season four kickoffs planned at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida.

PokerStars Revamp Marketing Of Casino

Poker had launched online gambling gaming Casino some two years back.

But, since that time PokerStars are just crossing selling this product. It is selling this product only to the existing PokerStars poker customer. However, now the company has decided to start the marketing campaign of the game. All the formalities for advertisement of the game are done and it will be played across United Kingdom’s digital stations and in video display.”

In a press release PokerStars Casino Director Sam Hobcraft said “Just by cross selling of game, online casino has earned good revenues. It is already the world number one online casino game. By promoting casino exclusively, the game will attract more customers” He Further added, “Casino of PokerStars is currently a secret game for current poker players, these players love to play casino too. Now, after looking at popularity of the game we feel it is the time to share this unique product, this way both casino and PokerStars will be able to grab a bigger market” He said, “We are proud of TV advertisement and hoping for big United Kingdom’s launch.”

The new television commercial will focus on Casino’s slots, blackjack and roulette games. PokerStars is calling this a “cutting-edge digital graphics”. First time it is shown to the game’s mainstream audience.

It is seen that without doing proper marketing of game online casino was doing great work and earning good revenues. The revenue generated by casino was even increasing. Thus PokerStars thought of launching this new product. The new step will earn customers for casino and will increase the cumulative customers of both PokerStars as well as an online casino. With all this effort the company is planning to double its customer base. The new advertisement will highlight new features of casino but, it will not change its original heritage of PokerStars.

Doyle Brunson In The News

There are few poker players who have been holding up the forte even after being eighty years of age.

Doyle Brunson is the one name which comes to mind when one talks of senior legends in the game. He has battled several predicaments in his life, including cancer. He has come through after yet another cancer surgery that has been announced to be successful. Doyle is known as a legendary player who has won the World Series of Poker ten times. He has won the renowned bracelet of the Series besides other accolades.

He has outplayed skin cancer yet again. This has been the 12th surgery in his life by which cancerous growths have been removed from his head. This time the growth had been on his face.

The only thing that Doyle is left with is a scarred face where there are already old scars that exist. This occurred in summer this year. It has been three years since he played at the WSOP. The last poker tournament that he participated in was in 2013. He finished in 409th position. He then stated that he would not play tournaments any more. He only indulges in high stake cash games that he continues to play in Las Vegas. Brunson turned 83 this year in August.

There have been several news events when Doyle had been in the midst of it. After his cancer surgery in April there was a robbery next to Doyle’s home at gunpoint in August. Doyle stated that he was probably the target of the robbery. With similar incident having happened before, Doyle was probably twice lucky that he avoided being robbed for the second time. He stated that the police informed that the robber had told the victim that he knew that the victim was a poker player and demanded that he provide a certain cut to him.

New TV show ‘may have ‘Late Night Poker’ impression in UK

An all new poker show on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, named Celebrity Poker Home Game, might be all set to regenerate the interest in poker in the United Kingdom.

The British television station has always been a poker supporter, and reprised Late Night Poker in a successful way. Along with Late Night Poker, Channel 4 is home to PokerStars UK & Ireland Poker Tour as well as European Poker Tour broadcasts in the United Kingdom.

Co-producing Celebrity Poker Home Game will be Good Egg and Channel X Productions along with the overall theme of a blend between reality television and poker. Following the trend of United States and United Kingdom television shows that take you behind the closed doors of celebs, and you would see few well known faces in a new light, all glorifying the merits of poker.

Shelley Rubenstein stated that the show would not fell in the same trap which several reality shows does and it would not show an old random celebrity who clearly have no idea how to play poker. Shelley herself has been involved with this game for many years, both as a player as well as an event organizer, and it is this experience in the industry that was the inspiration for this new program.

To add to the competitory aspect of it, the winners of every home game would go on to the Grand Final that will see each episode’s winner join to compete for Celebrity Poker Home Game award.

Poker Players leaves $200K table to play Baccarat

A US$ 200000 buy-in poker event with a US$ 3.4 million 1st spot prize apparently was not really a high roller enough for a few poker enthusiasts among the starting pack of 52. The US$ 200000 World Poker Tour tournament arranged at the Solaire Resort and Casino in Manilla, which was won by twenty-two year-old Fedor Holz earlier on Monday, saw 3 poker players leave their chip stacks neglected in order to play baccarat. The news was revealed late Sunday by WPT live.

And, if this makes it any better, two of the players were
staying with eleven and nine big blinds
, respectively, while the 3rd had twenty-three. Denny Peng and Shi Jie Cai both just let their stacks wither until they were ruled out, according to the World Poker Tour.

Yang Kit Chan (23 big blinds) showed up forty-five minutes late and he still had some chips left. He did not finish making the money. Half the pack was still very much alive when they selected to gamble in the pit instead. Poker players coming late for events is not new at all, but allowing your whole stack blind off when big money is on the horizon is quite rare. In the year 2012, a player did not show up on the 5th day of the US$ 10000 World Series of Poker main event because of some religious reasons.

Jarrett Nash, who is a young poker player hailing from Texas, allowed himself blind out in 171st spot for a score of US$ 44655.

Mike is known as “Timex” online in game of Poker

Mike McDonald is basically from Waterloo, ON the origin country is Canada.

He has started playing in 2009. He has taken training when he was under 18.When he completed his 18 years then he legally went to casino for playing poker. He is the youngest player of the poker. He has played very well in his every match and. He was at the top of this career in 2014. Now also he is trying to improve his game and he has started playing from very small years.

Mike has won total career winnings was $11,366,615 in his total career. And he has won 9 career titles in his career. 111 career cashes he has won, he has won 500 points in poker player of the year and he has ranked at 263 and he has winning was $1,237,373 in this year. He has won $205,161 in World Series of poker, 9 career cashes he has won, and 2 final tables he has gone through. $178,399 winning was he has in world poker tour 4 career cashes he has won, he has gone through 1 final table in this tour, He has won $3,565,303 in European poker tour, 11 career cashes he has won he has gone through 5 final tables in this series and he has won 1 championship in this series.

On 28th march 2015, he has played his last match which is played in European poker tour game type of this series was No Limit Hold’Em Eight Max, he has won $56,789 in this game,and he was placed at 11th rank in this series from 304 entries. His top cash game he has played on 9thFeb. 2014 prize pool of this series was $10,187,967 and he was placed at 3rd rank in this series and total point he gain 400.